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Because you cannot demonstrate your god is real.that is why.

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Kazilkis 9 months ago
Yep and the list goes on Jesse.
Virisar 8 months ago
He is God, and you are not!
Nikosida 8 months ago
What a unique way to...well...ummmm...participate...yeah that?s it...participate!??????
Mojind 8 months ago
Can you prove it was real?
Mushura 8 months ago
There is no such thing as a holy book
Kikazahn 8 months ago
Thanks. I need another mod. Interested?
Nishicage 8 months ago
LOL it's a joke site.https://
Meztishura 8 months ago
The gospels. They are very intimidating!
Gardarr 7 months ago
Don't spam. Just answer my question.
Doukasa 7 months ago
How about talking about a beaver? :D
Faetilar 7 months ago
Ok let?s go this route.
JoJozuru 7 months ago
What makes more sense:
Necage 7 months ago
And there is always < b> < /b> for
Brazil 7 months ago
Bible is full of prophets married younger women
Meztijora 7 months ago
Right under the headline...
Dok 7 months ago
Yes, you can be hurt physically or emotinally.

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