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487 05:069 months ago

And a very young Clancy Brown as well. Just two years away from playing the Kurgan in Highlander.

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Goltimi 9 months ago
That pretty much sums up the pro-Trump mentality.
Tell 9 months ago
I know that one did. Why the hostility?
Shajind 9 months ago
"Jihad, crusade, what's the difference?"
Mezragore 8 months ago
Depraved is another great word to describe them.
Duzuru 8 months ago
Nice flow on that bonjour!
Bazil 8 months ago
I think you left out a possibly.
Akinojar 8 months ago
Agreed, thats why they get in trouble
Vukus 7 months ago
Short answer, no. Long answer, hell no.
Bajar 7 months ago
Please translate your comment
Vira 7 months ago
Geez, no childhood pic's to remind you?
Vurg 7 months ago
Oooh nice pic, Angel!
Gugul 7 months ago
I often do not see those..kudos to you.
Gardabar 7 months ago
i corrected that dint i??
Zulkilrajas 7 months ago
Pressure from parents might do,
Dounos 6 months ago
Trump is more dangerous than any other president.
Akimi 6 months ago
not him..but those in the future....
Bahn 6 months ago
You are a cool dude

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