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357 05:587 months ago

By what rational argument is homosexuality is inherently any less 'moral than heterosexuality?

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Fauk 7 months ago
hahahahaha Ok I'm waiting
Tojalkis 7 months ago
Trump is a pyromaniac
Mazura 6 months ago
Rosie knows what mental stability is? Oh that's funny.
Kajishura 6 months ago
He looks like an Iraqi terrorist.
Zuzil 6 months ago
That contains a whole lot of metaphysical claims.
Tojakus 6 months ago
What was the disease he died of?
Dotaur 6 months ago
So all the unborn babies were bad?
Yozshuran 6 months ago
eek thats spookey !
Kera 5 months ago
why? the dems are doing most of the shooting!
Akinomuro 5 months ago
what did they get wrong?
Kigale 5 months ago
You like your spicy foods. I love spicy chicken.
Dusar 5 months ago
How do you play??
Tegal 5 months ago
He called ?em another words for cigarettes? Travesty.
Bazshura 4 months ago
Or what if you self-identify as black?
Mikazshura 4 months ago
He is not capable of an intelligible response
Mauzil 4 months ago
Time to start again... :)
Daisida 4 months ago
"Not really if we are cutting illegal immigrants out."
Tasho 4 months ago
He's around, but keeping a low profile.
Kamuro 4 months ago
So are we dogs now?

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