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999 27:349 months ago

how embarrassing that you buy the ridiculous propaganda.......the Naz!s are advancing on the western front, once more unto the breach liberal sycophants

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Mooguzil 9 months ago
Sweet zombie jesus! AA is from Florida?
Goltijar 9 months ago
From the dregs, are you?
Gardazil 8 months ago
They only attack when they out number their victims.
Mazuzuru 8 months ago
Is the OP about adultery?
Togar 8 months ago
Anything to get someone to vote for a Democrat.
Kigazil 8 months ago
You are so mean ROSE! :(
Ararg 7 months ago
Did you name him Stretch?
Arashira 7 months ago
Never had a complaint...
Volabar 7 months ago
Yea!!! I'm so excited for you grandma!!!!!
Zolojind 7 months ago
It also has benefits , cigs have none :)
Akinokinos 7 months ago
I shall not upvote myself :-)))
Voodoolar 7 months ago
What is obvious is your dishonest argumentum ad populum.
Taugami 6 months ago
Unless you're an illegal immigrant.
Mazulmaran 6 months ago
It is your obligation to identify the three paragraphs.
Miran 6 months ago
You are nothing more than a liar.
Fenrik 6 months ago
That might make me sleepy! LOLOL!!!!
Maubei 6 months ago
No! I'm only a jerk to the trolls :-)
Kagale 5 months ago
Hmm forget suggestions given to u stranger
Muran 5 months ago
How often do you have to do that?
Nekus 5 months ago
Send 'em north, send 'em north.
JoJojar 5 months ago
so your drawing are 18 +-- interesting! hahah
Fenririsar 5 months ago
Nothing like pure love
Nikojinn 5 months ago
that's what they WANT you to believe!
Mokinos 5 months ago
things have devolved from what you said.
Tujar 4 months ago
Like when Benedict Cumberbatch was playing Kahn?
Akinokinos 4 months ago
Hanging isn?t stoning or beheading. Duh!
Tern 4 months ago
Do I have a reason to say no?
Jugor 4 months ago
As long as assimilation occurs.
Felkree 4 months ago
DO not kill is one of the 10 commandments.

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