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650 12:089 months ago

I believe that you do not have horns on your head. But why do I believe it? Because it is reasonable to believe it.

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Mak 9 months ago
I serve at your grace, MmeMoxie :-)
Zulkinos 9 months ago
Look who's talking! That's a big compliment?
Ket 9 months ago
He also had an earthly mother.
Aracage 9 months ago
Will you marry me, sweetie? LOL!
Kajigar 9 months ago
Agreed.She is there until November,after that another vote.
Mooguzragore 9 months ago
He is trying to disqualify people seeking legal immigration.
Tojashicage 8 months ago
Pink glasses? Mmmm I'll pass! not my color!
Tojaktilar 8 months ago
So what if I mentioned it?
Mugal 8 months ago
Theist n/a (apolitical USA
Shaktilkis 8 months ago
Sprite was a play on words.
Nalkree 8 months ago
"Reagan was a liberal rino."
Moshicage 7 months ago
What kind of "Toy?"
Kazranris 7 months ago
That's a nice costume
Shaktir 7 months ago
Nah... don't have time
Kajira 7 months ago
Hey Truth sucker. This one's for you!
Faubar 7 months ago
Personal insults are the protests of the weak.
Kigashicage 7 months ago
The only thing in need of privatization is religion.
Grojar 6 months ago
How did you know? O?
Tonos 6 months ago
I cant possibly allow that
Vumuro 6 months ago
beat me too that:)
Daigar 6 months ago
I didn't think it required dumbing down.
Mikazahn 5 months ago
Not so far you haven't.
Mojora 5 months ago
Hey Jaye. Very seductive avvi. Love that color!!

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