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323 05:329 months ago

I will have to come up with a good story to illustrate what that can become, the damage it would cause, the emotional bottling that would and has occurred.

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Jurg 9 months ago
It?s up there...refresh your browser
Mazuzil 9 months ago
Yep!  Back before drugs addled their brains.
Mogor 9 months ago
Their brutal communist regimes.
Dull 8 months ago
Do you think Mrs. White was the last prophetess?
Shaktizshura 8 months ago
Them for you John.
Gakus 8 months ago
Hello guise. Would you mind if i join? ??
Gugore 8 months ago
Smashing their computers to own the libs.
Maujar 8 months ago
And what would atheists do at their meetings?
Zulkigrel 7 months ago
I have no faith
Kagalabar 7 months ago
Just waking up and you??
Mezihn 7 months ago
What? Do you have a built-in depth gauge?
Julkree 7 months ago
Good night was fun!!!
Mazugal 7 months ago
The embassy rocked and saved a fortune.
Maunos 7 months ago
Drive safe. Enjoy. Cheers. Night.
Mooguzilkree 6 months ago
It was over 115 most of all last week
Akijar 6 months ago
Oh Greeny, you naughty boy.
Kazigul 6 months ago
Haha drunk ..shame shame ??
Tauran 6 months ago
Oh yes and it was the best sex ever

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