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438 05:137 months ago

It doesn?t matter if CNN does or doesn?t support the 1st Amendment.

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Shataur 7 months ago
I work every day of the week! LOLOL!!!
Tuzshura 7 months ago
??dont be like that Rosie!
Mikami 7 months ago
It was suppose to be the pieces prize.
Sajinn 6 months ago
We must! Led by a President we can trust!!
Zulurr 6 months ago
that's okay with me.
Jushura 6 months ago
This is closer to my preference ??
Vudomuro 6 months ago
Uh, hello, Confederate statues and street, school names.
Samugore 6 months ago
More than a mouthful is a waste.
Akigar 6 months ago
That is exactly materialism.
Kajirg 5 months ago
I am an agnostic.
Nasar 5 months ago
Thats a horrible thing to say
Faelkree 5 months ago
Clearly what the scripture says.
Mumi 5 months ago
It's not made up. It's literally right there.
Goltigis 5 months ago
How do you know?
Brarisar 5 months ago
Are food and clothes good trading items?
Faushicage 5 months ago
It's amazing how they can sleep at night.
Zolor 5 months ago
Do you alphabetize your collection?
Nikolkis 4 months ago
Of course gods exist . in your mind.
Dora 4 months ago
I would have to check her ID first.
Nak 4 months ago
hey Uncle Si , How is your wife ?
Nalkis 4 months ago
Any animal could carry disease
Guzilkree 4 months ago
Like in all other religions!
Baran 3 months ago
So close no matter how far.....
Mezimuro 3 months ago
Righ, put the mask back on.
Mikanos 3 months ago
He sure did. The guy had balls
Tukazahn 3 months ago
Right, but democrats don't cut revenue too...
Doukree 2 months ago
What About Baby Jane?
Yozahn 2 months ago
Duly noted Jack have a great day today.

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