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62 10:099 months ago

I was busy playing Scott Joplin ragtime and Beethoven on the piano by then. No time or hankering for "pop culture."

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Vudotaur 9 months ago
Here...let me help you...
Moogukazahn 9 months ago
Perhaps only if they are both lesbians.
Zulkizuru 9 months ago
Drunk people say stupid things.....not exactly breaking news.
Tem 9 months ago
I became 1% 35 years ago. Welcome.
Gajora 9 months ago
Rubbish. Morals change all the time.
Nataxe 8 months ago
So the protest is about extra point placement now?
Sham 8 months ago
Yeah, he is always fun to listen too.
Mushicage 8 months ago
Speaking of car jackerasses...this is priceless:
Tanris 8 months ago
Love him or hate him
Tygokazahn 7 months ago
My opinion is mine so never wrong IMO.

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