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The majority - the vast majority, actually - of gay people I know attend Christian churches regularly with their family.

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Maucage 7 months ago
She did? Aunty Remm is the queen of memes!!!
Datilar 6 months ago
You joined over a month ago too, cool
Mooguzshura 6 months ago
The kids are having kids now?
Samuran 6 months ago
For your children, you mean?
Mazujinn 6 months ago
Omg I got chills reading that!!
Akinokazahn 5 months ago
I was talking about JB.
Sharg 5 months ago
"Blue Dolphin" can be the safe word :)
Mezidal 5 months ago
RAI. I think I will not yahoo.
Nelmaran 5 months ago
Scroll down the thread hahaha
Vihn 5 months ago
yeh but she probably made 1500 bucks
Mazulmaran 5 months ago
Islam literally translates to submission or surrender .
Maukora 4 months ago
well I don't believe you. Where's your proof?
Kagalar 4 months ago
Yet to be decided
Kecage 4 months ago
Aw, you're mad you got caught again. It's funny!
Mikashicage 4 months ago
I?m OK with that.
JoJotaxe 3 months ago
Not here, not now, not ever. Banned ITOWCHATT
Kigam 3 months ago
Neither of whom existed.
JoJobar 3 months ago
Is this the way you view religious denominations?
Shakalkree 3 months ago
Trump us a strong President.
Bami 3 months ago
Maybe you should blame the spending, hypocrite.
Voodoobei 2 months ago
Yahweh = Canannite Storm god.
Kajigore 2 months ago
Now you know why I left.
Nikonos 2 months ago
you would be 100% right on that!
Shakajar 2 months ago
Yep, that's what I think it is
Kazimi 2 months ago
I mean, I know it was a while ago...but...

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