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777 07:049 months ago

Muslims are anti-gay and anti-abortion aren't they? Sort of like the Christian Conservatives of the of the Middle-East. I think they would rather run as Republicans if it weren't for scapegoating by that party. They have way more in common.

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Nehn 9 months ago
The Catholic Church isn't
Meztisida 9 months ago
Men be warned !!!
Shaktiran 8 months ago
Ha hahahaaaaaaaaa haha ha
Minris 8 months ago
Magic, but no one is going to say that.
Daik 8 months ago
Ask one simple question.
Goltishakar 8 months ago
My greatest fear is death.
Mik 8 months ago
Immediate return too !
Yozshuk 8 months ago
No, it won't. Not without Kennedy.
Zulurr 7 months ago
I like it private!!
Goltidal 7 months ago
Lol! True we?ll see. :-)
Tygobar 7 months ago
That's how I am with sideburns.
Kesho 7 months ago
What part of LEGAL don't you understand???/s
Dizuru 6 months ago
I miss Scott Hutchison.
Garg 6 months ago
Edited tape of what?
Gugul 6 months ago
Just wait -- he'll blame any earthquakes on Hillary.
Balkree 6 months ago
Or the judge who schooled Kris Kobach?
Goltitaxe 6 months ago
Obama's jobs were as much part time/immigrant as trump's.
Dilkree 6 months ago
I?m a man, Bay-Bay! That?s her magic words
Voodooll 6 months ago
Ooh, they might have SEX!
Mazukree 6 months ago
Was it a fully semi-automatic military style combat weapon?
JoJozahn 6 months ago
I hope his swamp dwellers tape him.
Yozshulabar 5 months ago
It's a sign of the times I guess (sigh)
Mazukree 5 months ago
How far we have devolved as a society?...
Zolojas 5 months ago
Who is this 'we?'
Garn 5 months ago
Immediate return too !
Sar 5 months ago
right to work... to death.
Doulkree 4 months ago
Where do we find the downvotes on our account?
Mishura 4 months ago
If Hell exists, it is part ot the universe.
Fenrilmaran 4 months ago
Abolitionists and slavers both.
Voodookasa 4 months ago
He would have showed us with all heavenly blessing

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