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Not sure I take your meaning, but yes human behaviour is a large factor in any system.

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Kabei 7 months ago
Oh I've been there and got the T-shirt!
Zulkishura 6 months ago
Stop people from "sinning"? That's not possible.
Vosar 6 months ago
"Mel ? 17 hours ago
Samugore 6 months ago
Lucille Ball, Grace Kelly, Dalai Lama
Zolokinos 6 months ago
Can we put you down for repealing the NFA?
Tauzuru 5 months ago
Civil rights are civil rights. Yours or mine.
Mushicage 5 months ago
I accept your retreat.
Malalkree 5 months ago
What have I said that sounded angry?
Faule 5 months ago
Hot lil socialist idiot.
Vudonos 5 months ago
Because historical evidence is not scientific evidence.
Zululrajas 5 months ago
Hahaha something like that
Vokazahn 4 months ago
s Funny how that goes.
Bam 4 months ago
Work avoidance mode activated.... Save me Hannah save meeeee....
Zulujind 4 months ago
Like SOB Trump? No pal, that's "con normal".
Mikree 4 months ago
Her profile says 12.
Tulmaran 4 months ago
this is your theory as simple weak human
Nikojora 3 months ago
Ohhhhh look at you.
Dushakar 3 months ago
Haha I hope so :)
Meran 3 months ago
I love being active on my free time hours.
Gardanris 3 months ago
I give up....send it over.

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