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370 20:507 months ago

I am neither. But what makes you think that I am either ?

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JoJogis 7 months ago
Its fine, they didnt believe in property rights.
JoJora 6 months ago
haha...yeah those should be the rules ????
Zulkitaur 6 months ago
That sounds like buttsore crybaby whining from a loser.
Kehn 6 months ago
Who? Me? LoL What did I miss? Haha
Dainris 6 months ago
I have a good mate called Greg.........??
Vudolmaran 6 months ago
God as a slave regulator? That's morally repugnant.
Bajinn 5 months ago
Somehow let him down?
Bralkis 5 months ago
And its funded by taxpayers.
Guzuru 5 months ago
"We've opened our yaps, and we can't get up!"
Vudozil 5 months ago
Nope... Neither do I.want to have that
Muhn 5 months ago
Ha ha. Guaranteed to work.
Nakree 4 months ago
Sin was not already paid for by Jesus?
Votaur 4 months ago
In a real life relationship........absolutely!
Gardarg 4 months ago
You are here ..
Daik 4 months ago
LOL. That's rhetorical nonsense. Seriously, let the adults talk.
Faegar 4 months ago
Oh, ok. I misread you.
Volabar 4 months ago
Looks like I was an astronomer... =D
Doujar 3 months ago
Hahahahaha yes yes m'am! ????????
Tauzil 3 months ago
Trump is laughing at these fools.
Meztigor 3 months ago
If I did, I am sorry.
Kishicage 2 months ago
Who do you aspire to be like

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