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No, I'm saying that you are being quite coy in our discussion. You are saying that I used the word God. The reason is that you specifically used qualities attributed to God in Christian theology. I'm saying that you have no evidence of any of these attributes. In fact, I'd love to hear you explain how you would provide evidence of something that existed outside of time and space.

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Vikasa 5 months ago
Wrong on most points;
Doule 5 months ago
Better you don't know.
Meztikora 5 months ago
I see you like cats here's some cat gifs
Mooguhn 5 months ago
Wow. Someone's on a fire and brimstone kick.
Tojajas 4 months ago
Thanks dude, you too.
Narn 4 months ago
You are correct. I was wrong.
Fetaxe 4 months ago
Nope. Havent been on restrictions for a while. ??
Kisho 4 months ago
If its declarative it?s a declaration.
Shaktisida 4 months ago
Hey Dennis thanks.
Tajar 4 months ago
Is that supposed to be a insult?
Zulutilar 3 months ago
why am i here ...
Malabei 3 months ago
I'm 5'-9" and wear heels most of the time.
JoJolkree 3 months ago
How can one be saved and remain mortal?
Moogugul 2 months ago
They all encourage irrational thoughts and behaviour.
Samulrajas 2 months ago
Trump trump trump....thats you walking away
Kasida 2 months ago
Nope. GL would just unban me.
Milmaran 2 months ago
Trumph keep it up
Mazulkis 2 months ago
Sign me up. Sounds purrfect.
Mejind 1 month ago
?Hoplophobic?.... my word of the day!
Nelkree 1 month ago
Its a big honking erogenous zone
Arashikora 1 month ago
"there isn't a hateful bone in Alex Jones' body."
Sajar 1 month ago
Wait,was this done by Calis? WTF?
Zolorisar 1 month ago
Just watch how many idiots actually vote for her.
Mauzragore 4 weeks ago
You're saying every child needs a normal family.
Migrel 2 weeks ago
I'm like that dog but without the hat.
Fenrilmaran 1 week ago
Who stole the money?
Zulusar 1 week ago
Why are you a heterophobe?

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