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Sounds like something right of the pages of an official report.

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Akimi 9 months ago
Don't be so lazy. Google it. Trump bankruptcies.
Manos 9 months ago
They smell so the blind can hate them too.
Samull 8 months ago
You're Far-Left aren't you?
Shaktijas 8 months ago
Doncha just love that guy?
Kigaramar 8 months ago
All going back to the guilt of God.
Faelabar 8 months ago
Which black color shade you like?
Akihn 8 months ago
Please don?t make vague,
Nikorn 7 months ago
But, of course, you aren't.
Gorn 7 months ago
La salle des vomissements...
Vulrajas 7 months ago
Mo Dan dat ... she a lifer.
Dushicage 7 months ago
I am a theist because God believes in me.
Maladal 7 months ago
No...actually he's mad at me...I thinks. sigh
Gogis 6 months ago
What? I haven't backpedaled at all.
Tojanos 6 months ago
Actually, that is an excellent analogy.
Shakajar 6 months ago
Goes well with ginger ale.
Shakalabar 6 months ago
i see that irony went roaring over you
Samura 6 months ago
I'm not sure you've understood what I was saying.
Magor 6 months ago
James Connelly not telling the truth? Shocking!
Karg 5 months ago
That last line gets me every time ????
Brarr 5 months ago
this is only part of it-
Faulmaran 5 months ago
Run off defeated, eh!
Mikagar 4 months ago
Jae-Girl is that really you talking?
Ararg 4 months ago
Yep. I don't think God will appreciate that wife?
Akikinos 4 months ago
NOC. Why thank you
Karr 4 months ago
Bet we can all guess which finger.
Tazshura 4 months ago
Haha ....OoooK. I think I got that.??
Doucage 4 months ago
In a bodybag preferably.

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