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I just asked my four kids. They all said without question when given a choice between two mommies or two daddies or a mom and dad, they all picked mom and dad with no hesitation.

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Mijora 9 months ago
how about laseristic DNA aysemetric atomic locks ....
Arashigore 9 months ago
Did you explain them well enough?
Tacage 9 months ago
Nope. You should keep the widows and orphans running.
Kazralrajas 9 months ago
Get a clue, man. You're embarrassing yourself.
Kagakus 8 months ago
You?re the one with the imaginary friend son.
Vigore 8 months ago
Last paragraph really brings it all together.
Vudolkis 8 months ago
Educated apostolic is an oxymoron.
Gardaran 8 months ago
Four friends and hundreds of opponents.
Bakazahn 8 months ago
Spoiler: No, he can't.
Fesho 8 months ago
You would love it here...especially in july and august
Meztizilkree 7 months ago
Take the cameras OFF of these hypocrites.
Shakazahn 7 months ago
This is ridiculous. It was a platform promise.
Kijin 7 months ago
The Talmud is about the Quran?
Yozshulrajas 7 months ago
we tend to stick out.
Meztibar 6 months ago
Doesn't sound like it to me.
Grogor 6 months ago
I had a lapdance once and I loved it
Yozshukora 6 months ago
KFC isn't what it used to be!
Fautaxe 6 months ago
You must be half asleep this evening....
Moogugis 6 months ago
He PAID for it.
Mausho 6 months ago
You've made that abundantly clear.
Tehn 5 months ago
Miss every shot you don?t take.
Shakalkree 5 months ago
Totally intense for sure...
Zulkigami 5 months ago
It's all good, thank you too sir
Fejinn 5 months ago
I agree on both pics.

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