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Flogging of bare feet

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442 18:295 months ago

Thanks for providing evidence of how ineffective border walls are.

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Mekree 4 months ago
not a girls scout.
Arasho 4 months ago
let me make this clear, ok?
Taugis 4 months ago
Did you once make that mistake?
Vudotilar 4 months ago
I had my own. I didn't change your point.
JoJotilar 4 months ago
Well, best of everything, just remember my post.
Mautaur 3 months ago
It's merely god of the gaps for evolution.
Mikasida 3 months ago
Good Rita, like you actually ;-)
Malara 3 months ago
Shay posted a great write about PC.
Tetaxe 3 months ago
It?s happening disqus wise apparently
Yozshukora 3 months ago
What a shitty surprise
Bagor 2 months ago
What is your price?
Samuro 2 months ago
We are not that literalistic.
Kilar 2 months ago
Just another racist bonehead of the cloth....
Taulkree 2 months ago
Ralph Good Ale. Oh, him.

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