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761 06:247 months ago

The Burden of Proof rests on the one claiming a god exists. It is your job to prove your god exists.

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Meztik 7 months ago
It certainly was. It was also stolen!
Taujinn 7 months ago
Any thing but politics and religion.
Kajizragore 7 months ago
That amount of water
Doumi 7 months ago
I dont know ..I am just trouble.
Vutaur 7 months ago
"In-Depth analysis" that I expected.
Fezuru 7 months ago
Get the kool aid ready Ivaka!
Mikasida 6 months ago
Hahahahaha ok, miss secret agent ????
Jukazahn 6 months ago
Other things smarter than Charo-for-Office are below ...
Doubei 6 months ago
You're straining at gnats; there's no real contradictions, here.
Sar 6 months ago
He would have showed us with all heavenly blessing
Zologis 6 months ago
Unlezzzzzz they scorn hockies...
Maukazahn 6 months ago
I am not a Catholic TS.
Daizragore 6 months ago
Do you have a point your trying to make?
Gazilkree 5 months ago
No clergy, no priest, oh no.
Tojazahn 5 months ago
you conveniently left out the part that says
Taubei 5 months ago
Is that why opposite-sex couples adopt? For fun?
Shaktijinn 5 months ago
What is the topic here? Check and get back.
Sazahn 5 months ago
i love confident women
Malajora 5 months ago
So you watched it already?
Vudogul 5 months ago
I'm INFP. I don't need to take another MBPTI
Dibar 5 months ago
I like all kinds of women
Mele 4 months ago
Exactly, the book learning isn't even the other half!
JoJorn 4 months ago
Why thank you James
Gokinos 4 months ago
Sorry to butt in.
Tegal 4 months ago
You didn't catch the sarcasm, then? Okay.
Arashiramar 4 months ago
I repeat what I wrote before:
Zulkizuru 4 months ago
Would you tap her?
Kajit 3 months ago
If they succeed in removing President Donald Trump's star,

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