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83 10:365 months ago

Yeah ... that's why you lost, buddy. Enjoy the view from behind.

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Kazigul 5 months ago
That's what I thought!??
Tudal 5 months ago
NO ONE with a brain believes that BS
Bajinn 5 months ago
It's what young dimocraps do now days.
Kakora 5 months ago
Like I said. You don't know Him.
Tanris 5 months ago
OMG - this is a response?
Zulujin 4 months ago
No, legally it works the same under the law.
Zulumuro 4 months ago
And a cocktail or two :)
Kigrel 4 months ago
You've been paying attention, haven't you?
Vudokinos 4 months ago
It absolutely seems that way.
Jugrel 4 months ago
You are not spiritually dead, MBA.
Bragar 3 months ago
Have you considered flying?
Nishakar 3 months ago
I second that motion.
Meztijora 3 months ago
Wow, that's a good collection of sob stories.
Vut 3 months ago
And you torture and kill others by your comedy.
Meztibar 3 months ago
Too late. I revised it an hour ago.
Goshicage 2 months ago
Moses was overreacting right? What a drama queen.
Brabar 2 months ago
And that is relevant to souls how?
Golar 2 months ago
You should visit a Mosque and ask that question.

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