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454 05:477 months ago

Exactly. Nobody said anything about consequences. The only free speech that is illegal is speech that explicitly calls for violence. Outside of that? Say what you want. You will bear the consequences, but you can't be jailed for it.

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Vudogami 7 months ago
I like kids as long as they're someone else's.
Tojabei 6 months ago
Except for executing a kid for shooting an intruder.
Shaktill 6 months ago
Dubai is awesome. My favorite vacation spot
Bagar 6 months ago
Those cars almost got flat-packed.
Dulabar 6 months ago
1. Relax. Breathe. This is just the internet
Moogukus 6 months ago
huh? giving it to non-Americans?
Shajind 6 months ago
Ughh, death cults are boring. life is for living.
Faulabar 6 months ago
Pity. I really enjoyed writing that.
Kajizuru 5 months ago
You?re always number one Papi
Doujas 5 months ago
The power to tax is the power to destroy.

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