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Who told the Echnaton's concept of One Transcendent God to the Jews?

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Yogar 10 months ago
What Rita posted earlier is sexy.
Babei 10 months ago
"... hates good and loves evil..."
JoJolkis 9 months ago
Thanks KM. I was a bit surprised by that.
Tumi 9 months ago
And which point is that?
Kibei 9 months ago
Can you prove there is no flying spaghetti monster?
Tojaramar 9 months ago
"Obama was a failure at everything he touched."
Vujin 9 months ago
Nobody in government imagines funds are infinite.
Faura 8 months ago
You have no proof.
Kajizahn 8 months ago
Are you encouraging him to join Hare Krishna's movement?
Akibar 8 months ago
Heck Glenn Frey was a beast...just an amazing band
Vicage 8 months ago
Geez someone can't take a joke.
Gozragore 8 months ago
Most 'good Christians are mere church goers.
Tygojas 8 months ago
Yeah, how'd that work out? Not so good.

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