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897 13:279 months ago

I wasn't talking about now. I was apolitical before this whole thing; that if you opposed Obama, you're automatically a racist. It happened so often, I had no choice but to defend myself, and it became political.

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Tolkree 9 months ago
You need to run with a new crowd.
Taura 9 months ago
IQ intelligence quotient
Gardat 9 months ago
You mean by ALL atheists?
Tejar 9 months ago
By reading Psychology Today
Gum 8 months ago
Ahhh..very good. Glad to hear it.
Gardamuro 8 months ago
Good to see ya Patrick.
Kazrajora 8 months ago
What does it take to have a fulfilled life?
Kijas 8 months ago
Then God has dodged my question.
Mikajas 8 months ago
I don't need to do better than that.
Vogore 7 months ago
That argument makes no sense.
Dijas 7 months ago
Can't you do better?
Mozragore 7 months ago
Deflect? It was your pitiful excuse;
Daitilar 7 months ago
Hi Jay! Welcome to The Chit Chat Bar!
Shagore 7 months ago
It just happened. Try to relax.
Arakus 6 months ago
Just cut it out.
Zulkinris 6 months ago
He is cute but I am not.
Sazragore 6 months ago
Gotta cover up all those discarded needles somehow.
Dugal 6 months ago
"The difference is in the heart of the people."
Neran 5 months ago
Not you, you'll jusy blindly defend Trump anyway.
Shakam 5 months ago
The right's policy has clearly failed.
Kazitaxe 5 months ago
I am in need of some teeth.
Babar 5 months ago
Sloppy thinking is bad for you.
Vodal 5 months ago
Of course ........ and make many different shapes

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