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701 16:439 months ago

Sorry, but first you said birthrate is indication of a process, and when it turned out there are facts which don't fit the scheme, you choose to disregard the facts instead of re-examining the theory. Can you honestly say you KNOW how women became significantly more empowered now as compared to USSR, or are just assuming it because otherwise your theory is proved not so universal?

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Melrajas 9 months ago
He acts exactly like an FBI prosecutor.
Kigazilkree 9 months ago
Wasn't the answer I was expecting
Dolkree 9 months ago
Shhhh.Facts can be called ?racist?.
Kajitaxe 8 months ago
Sorry, what was the question?
Kigadal 8 months ago
You don?t get it. Sad.
Samurisar 8 months ago
I've actually told you before. I'm the Director of...
Gajar 8 months ago
Gibberish is Trump's primary language.
Braramar 7 months ago
Shakazshura 7 months ago
Can't dispute it either, huh?
Mezshura 7 months ago
Biting wit, with perfectly dry sarcasm. That's good stuff.
Shaktinos 7 months ago
It is? How so?
Fenrizuru 7 months ago
For the second time did you watch the video?
Vunos 7 months ago
Temporary? Don't make we laugh!
Maulkis 7 months ago
Thanks for the info
Yozshuk 6 months ago
He says that marriage
Dazahn 6 months ago
Morality is subjective. It says

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