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516 03:055 months ago

I don?t believe it. Freedom of the press is one of the American freedoms even when the press isn?t worth a damn.

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Dogor 5 months ago
The beginning of John's Gospel.
Tygokree 5 months ago
And undoubtedly white shoes.
Akinok 4 months ago
And science wins again, cop-out creationist.
Gashakar 4 months ago
Yeah...that is an ambivert just like me
Tanris 4 months ago
You have no authority to speak for God.
Misida 4 months ago
Centuries ago, ready to be reused.
Kashakar 3 months ago
I thought you said they didn?t have to die.
Zulutaur 3 months ago
US Law isn't "Illogical BS".
Zubei 3 months ago
No, they do not.
Dahn 3 months ago
Ah, we have big pharma for that......
Kirisar 3 months ago
Thanks! You, too, Jay!!!
Arasar 2 months ago
Good Morning Dear........have a nice day
Nat 2 months ago
A little too late for that
Doutaur 2 months ago
Lmao about Taylor. So true.
Akilar 2 months ago
Time for the Bluenami ??
Douzil 2 months ago
Can't do that with central air. What to do?
Tausar 2 months ago
Receiving this picture really caught me off guard.
Tauzragore 1 month ago
Now remove the off-topic statements and focus on Islam.
Sharan 1 month ago
Two lines, four mistakes. Congratulations.
Tojalkis 1 month ago
Get a 3D printer.??????
Tojazuru 1 month ago
which "wacko" theory would that be my trolling friend?
Morg 1 month ago
When have I ever "defended" Israel?
Jushicage 1 month ago
The court also said OJ Simpson was innocent.
Kigaran 3 weeks ago
In "Bruno" he made fun of homosexuals.
Mazulrajas 2 weeks ago
has the lawyer been out of the closet lately?
Dazil 2 weeks ago
Life is nasty, brutish and short.
Tulkree 2 weeks ago
Sex as a sport?
Samujinn 2 weeks ago
So what makes some holy and others not?
Darg 1 week ago
CNN and Fox aren't claimed to be inerrant.

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