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The extra $12.00 a week in YOUR check won't come close to paying for your gas bill, much less pay for anything after Trump's idiotic tariffs cause prices to soar.  The average American will see a tax reduction of between $600.00 and $900.00 per year, TEMPORARILY, while the Koch Brothers will see a tax reduction of over $1 BILLION Dollars per year, PERMANENTLY. Maybe you don't understand , but our country pays our bills with tax revenue, and Trump decided that the wealthy shouldn't have to pay taxes any more. Just who do you think will be held responsible for making up that lost revenue?

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Grobei 7 months ago
Well, yes, I have.
Shaktigis 7 months ago
Okay. Adoption is not a wedding cake.
Kelmaran 7 months ago
There is nothing rational about Hitlers theories.
Mazugami 7 months ago
Mashakar 7 months ago
You should not use scripture to lie.
Tet 7 months ago
Sure, it wasn't ruled by the Zulus or xhosa......empty...
Meztikree 6 months ago
I think its very nice.
Nezragore 6 months ago
Too bad their is little truth in journalism.
Kazrajinn 6 months ago
It might be! Does he sport a beard?
Migor 6 months ago
You are still accommodating via housing either way.
Meztit 6 months ago
The way to voice over ;)
Dodal 6 months ago
That pic is not so clear.. who is she
Samulkis 5 months ago
I think your answers are wildly simplistic.
Durisar 5 months ago
Ah, they must go together. The knowledge of God
Mikabar 5 months ago
We do not do politics here thank you
Zular 5 months ago
It?s still a fear.
Telar 5 months ago
I'm fish and you?
Tok 4 months ago
Studies have shown this to be incorrect.
Gojar 4 months ago
Right you are. So here goes:
Akigore 4 months ago
The answer is yes when religion is put first.
Yokus 4 months ago
Is that really your ex?!
Teshura 3 months ago
LOL You probably spelled fck correctly.
Goltijar 3 months ago
It isn't at all.
Fenriktilar 3 months ago
Toads are f**king disgusting.
Fesho 3 months ago
I feel that. I feel that a lot.
Kagaktilar 3 months ago
Confession? How quaintly superstitious of you.
Bajin 2 months ago
Yeah, your false definition.
Nirr 2 months ago
couple interesting Sabbath Facts:

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