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even if you chose to taste death, you (the Spirit Being will not die. It is the body that dies. And if the body dies, you will wait for resurrection. And it is not a pleasant wait. If one wants to do the will of GOD, they will not taste death but immortalise the body by transfiguring their body in life alive.

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Kagar 9 months ago
Did you know his career is acting?
Voodoorn 9 months ago
Why would the concept of religion departed so quickly?
Mikazil 8 months ago
She's only 20 years old!!!! lol
Dakazahn 8 months ago
Lol. Throwing in race! Surprise surprise.
Terg 8 months ago
How do you know? do you have evidence?
Migami 8 months ago
ANY law regarding Blaphemy just as an example.
Shakagore 8 months ago
That's easy for you to say.
Metilar 8 months ago
Christ - what is it - a war?
Kagagami 7 months ago
Read your first post, Giggle Boy.
Yozshulabar 7 months ago
The Right sees people.
Gardanris 7 months ago
I hope the guilty did not receive excessive punishment.
Gardabei 7 months ago
Did Russia turn off the tap...?
Merisar 7 months ago
Wow you are long winded but with little substance.
Bragis 6 months ago
Enough quality to fight the United States Army over.
Taukree 6 months ago
I got a pretty decent collection of gifs now.
Jujora 6 months ago
I can do both believe me
Goltizil 6 months ago
exactly...that is confidence backed by data rather than faith
Taurn 6 months ago
Do humans have souls?
Dishakar 5 months ago
Get ready to laugh but stevie wonder?
Shalar 5 months ago
Does that make the 19 Jehovah's Witlesses?
Kazrazshura 5 months ago
Alternative facts, are not facts.

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