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395 28:529 months ago

You mean the free speech hating rightests that can?t handle 60 seconds of someone else?s free speech taking a knee? I accept your defeat.

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Sadal 9 months ago
Has that been going well? Haha
Yozshukinos 9 months ago
they probably think he runs jeopardy.
Douramar 8 months ago
How about www dot TrumpIsTheWorldsBiggestLiar dot com?
Gardara 8 months ago
Yes, that's what Muslims believe.
Tejar 8 months ago
Neither of those are religions.
Gaktilar 8 months ago
Fuck I'm glad to be back in Denmark ????
Moogum 8 months ago
Part of the Signs of the last days
Arazahn 8 months ago
From 'I'm fired' to 'my turn'.
Shakakora 7 months ago
There is no other option IMO.
Zolomi 7 months ago
There are more children than possible parents
Domi 7 months ago
All the ponies you can eat!
Taugami 7 months ago
Can you keep denying the truth?
Nele 7 months ago
Dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria.
Nikojas 6 months ago
Did you read the paper?
Fera 6 months ago
No one respects Trump. It is pathetic.
Voran 6 months ago
Lol I'll just trust you then ;)
Monris 6 months ago
Doritos work for me.
Zuluktilar 6 months ago
Guys Instead of Criticizing Islam Or christianity ,
Vuran 6 months ago
matt 1.............. proven wrong.............
Dibar 5 months ago
U R most welcome - Grey Area -
Tokazahn 5 months ago
Makes you wonder doesn?t it...
Mazuru 5 months ago
So what does it matter then??
Meztigor 5 months ago
Creationists are likewise unconvinced about evolution.
Dozilkree 5 months ago
I'll lob you an easy one to start-
Taugore 5 months ago
If I was that age, yes, same here.

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