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Basically, weather is the daily affects of Temperature Humidity etc. Whole climate is long term trends. Polar bears face extinction due to the ice melting. Hopefully our top of the line coal mines are worth it. What's next, printing presses, and cotton gins on the come back?

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Vulkis 9 months ago
any body punish his ennemies.
Faelar 8 months ago
I suppose you read Koine Greek? Try this one:
Mazuk 8 months ago
go get those Naz!s and save our republic
Gardalmaran 8 months ago
video is about scientifics ideas on the koran.ultimate truth.
Tor 8 months ago
thats not even a Marvel Character!
Fesida 8 months ago
Speak for yourself, John Alden, lol.
Kazim 8 months ago
No, the OP's dishonest thread was refuted
Zulkizil 8 months ago
Gotta keep the grandsons happy.
Kajitaxe 7 months ago
I haven't had that in yearz
Tojakus 7 months ago
Ah, then you claim that demons exist?
Manos 7 months ago
The system depends on humans. Humans are flawed.
Malajinn 7 months ago
Listen to the words of my fellow Native American.
Volmaran 7 months ago
Can God truly destroy?
Gagami 6 months ago
Tell that to Bernie Sanders.
Mikalkree 6 months ago
Freddy Krueger me and him look alike
Grokinos 6 months ago
I enjoy talking as well! :D
Zolole 6 months ago
Paramedics charged with letting a Muslim Dude die

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