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119 05:147 months ago

So maybe the blacks could not enter ?white only? establishments because black people have a tendency to shoot white people?

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Gat 7 months ago
I control more of the world than your god.
Bragar 7 months ago
It really was a great time.
Gut 6 months ago
You are 100% on target Blue Age. Kudos! Regards.
Gagis 6 months ago
Very much appriciate the input!
Aranos 6 months ago
The same as it means for any other Chaplain.
Misar 6 months ago
or defending the Bible's condoning of slavery
Arashakar 6 months ago
Wrong. You are trusting a probability. That is faith.
Mugis 5 months ago
Children aren't entitled to anything.
Basida 5 months ago
The Dark Ages of Disqus. LOL
Mikat 5 months ago
Two more words Rob's dead.
Vut 5 months ago
I like both :)
Moshicage 5 months ago
I even had myself fooled.
Taukora 5 months ago
Just says he was a DNC staffer.
Vugrel 4 months ago
What happened to Abella? ??
Yosar 4 months ago
What is "spirituality?" What is a "soul?"
Douhn 4 months ago
Nope. It doesn't work like that at all.
Grogis 4 months ago
I'm reminded of this ol ditty:
Gorr 3 months ago
I am not talking about grammar.
Shagul 3 months ago
What goalposts were moved?
Nikomuro 3 months ago
They msm set the stage, wake up
Kagasho 3 months ago
Brother, the narrative is getting too hard.
Kazrakazahn 3 months ago
My friends call me JIM.
Samuzahn 3 months ago
hahahahaha I afraid just realities ........
Meztit 3 months ago
Glad I could help.
Majar 3 months ago
Yep, no reason at all.
Basar 2 months ago
You poor poor little hurt puppy.
Zoloran 2 months ago
Cute pug, nortibia! Pleasure to ?meet? you. :)
Dair 2 months ago
Peter did not lose an ear.
Goltibei 2 months ago
Interesting one from South Carolina:

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