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California has a program to help private landowners thin crowded forests to reduce fuel loading and improve timber growth. The environmentalists I know all favor it, and many are actively participating either as landowners or as workers. The US Forest Service also has a fuel reduction program, which some, but not all, environmentalists support. Many environmentalists would like to see more effort in this area, and allow cutting of commercial sized tree to help finance it. The facts are not as simple as your post suggests.

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Daikree 9 months ago
Conservatives don't read Vox.
Shakarr 9 months ago
Haha,yes,a oldie that never gets old lol.Classic.????
Durr 9 months ago
I think Beans is talking about The Dreamers picture.
Shakarr 9 months ago
I can help with that fear.
Kazrazilkree 9 months ago
Oh.. what if this becomes true
Malakus 8 months ago
Brute facts are hard to ignore!
Braramar 8 months ago
my flip phone can't use that.
Akinorisar 8 months ago
It was that one or the other.
Tanos 8 months ago
Bravo and VERY well stated.
Vujinn 8 months ago
Volkree 7 months ago
I mean why would we be offended by that?
Fejinn 7 months ago
Birth rates went up because of technological decline.
Gosar 7 months ago
There are both, Ron. Mentally ill & demon possessed.
Digal 7 months ago
Forever trusting who we are.....
Shakakinos 7 months ago
Lol, everyone needs to chill now and again :)
Virisar 7 months ago
Just don't do it anywhere else!
Tygokora 6 months ago
Then why not call it say an interest?
Vudomi 6 months ago
Nice.. you dated anyone before?
Tulrajas 6 months ago
This channel anyways. Some other channels had it.
Gardaramar 6 months ago
It's still sex,wanted or unwanted.

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