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767 09:539 months ago

He is very well protected by security. Sure, anyone can be gotten to. But if Mueller were to die in those kinds of things? Trust me, even the Repugnants would go after Trump and Putin.

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Kikinos 9 months ago
the frustration is well documented
Ketaur 9 months ago
Malthusian predictions have centuries of being wrong.
Samulkree 9 months ago
She didn't get the seams straight.
Nagis 8 months ago
Yes he is soooooo kick ass!!
Bami 8 months ago
Drop what indictment ??
Melkis 8 months ago
I like your avatar
Dogrel 8 months ago
No, and that's the point.
Akinom 8 months ago
Macdonald would appeal to Trump voters.
Akilkis 7 months ago
I see you are clueless.
Dora 7 months ago
dick caught in your zipper again eh?

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