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So what if they were descended from some guy named Israel? Most of us descended from someone with a name. My family descended from a guy named Augustine. I'm not sure what your point is unless you are trying to infer that for some reason, Jewish people are a special tribe of some sort and therefore are set apart from the rest of their cousins and deserve some special dispensations. Is that what you are espousing cause that's nuts. No one knows where the Jews came from. We know they were never in Egypt, we know there was no great exodus of some sort, most of their tribal lore is bs, especially the bible part, there was no Moses, no Abraham, no Leah, no Adam and no Eve. That should make my position clear.

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Mukree 9 months ago
Well... if you believe in Christian mythology, sure.
Gardanos 9 months ago
Pumpkin?s ?? is the only one which matters????
Totaxe 9 months ago
"Many dysfunctional folks choose to become a theist, etc."
Taunris 8 months ago
It can be akin or totally unrelated with reality.
Arajin 8 months ago
Maybe not the best, but it?s right up there.
Kazisida 8 months ago
How do you know he can if he hasn't?
Faer 8 months ago
Thank you James :) I'm glad you think so
Shabei 8 months ago
Who cares what strangers think?
Faurr 8 months ago
Ugh. Go away, spammer.
Malagrel 7 months ago
You didn't answer. Support how?
Dicage 7 months ago
So the universe and you are separate?
Zulkikasa 7 months ago
I love it so much nude women
Mautilar 7 months ago
Only a conservative, paid by Russia, would say that.
Toshura 7 months ago
Shitty fathers make for bitter children.
Arajar 7 months ago
God is not for sale. Faith is free.
Bajar 7 months ago
Huh? why would anyone think Michael was Jesus?
Dukazahn 7 months ago
no, it comes with a side of bacon
Mikalmaran 7 months ago
Haha I try :p
Najind 6 months ago
No, they are not obligated to
Shakataxe 6 months ago
(why does everyone keep saying that to me?!?!?)
Kara 6 months ago
It was some sort of fundraiser. They accepted donations.
Femuro 6 months ago
What was the class about? which subject.
Kale 6 months ago
I choose to Destroy Islam. Let start NOW!

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