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Actually it was around 275 days before that olive branch was it receded before that. Tree cuttings grow roots from almost all trees. So.its a nursery going on. I have no idea about the root system of clonal long they can survive submerged etc.

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Jusho 9 months ago
So it's official: you're voting for the NDP woman.
Yoran 9 months ago
Hey James...I'm about you?
Arashisho 9 months ago
This is some good dance music
Tokasa 9 months ago
According to the Bible. Is that better?
Faezshura 9 months ago
They even outlawed compostable straws.
Zulugis 8 months ago
It's a silly South Park mythical creature :)
Voodoosho 8 months ago
Hopefully he washes it first.
Arashishicage 8 months ago
Ya! Ya! Like those BLM guys! Oh wait.
Mikataxe 8 months ago
That 11 year old 'transgender' sickens me.
Zololabar 7 months ago
eek thats spookey !
Gurn 7 months ago
DNA is a chyyneazzee hoax.
Turisar 7 months ago
No, your point fell flat. I didn't
Nikole 7 months ago
Atheism is the rejection of claims that gods exist.

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