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945 07:269 months ago

This whole religious rights has just become a way for Christians to openly discriminate gay couples every chance they can get. Show me in the Bible that ANY of these cases are even remotely mentioned beyond the act of gay sex. And why would that have ANY bearing on whether a couple can provide a good, loving home for a child? Are you going to tell me that Faith based adoption agencies ONLY give children to couples who are WITHOUT sin? It should be based on the same criteria they judge any other person coming in to adopt. We both know that all sins are equal, but some Christians take it upon themselves to single out this sin as the WORST.

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Tushakar 9 months ago
This is a Christian like
Gurr 9 months ago
It's what the image would advise
Vot 9 months ago
What's the difference between a Tribe and a Race?
Vudoktilar 9 months ago
Perhaps you still have things to learn.
Taujora 8 months ago
It is a matter of which definition?
Talrajas 8 months ago
Thank you. This isn't the place for that...
Dojinn 8 months ago
Balderson won the contest
Shakora 8 months ago
No, I understand what you mean. I don't think

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