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No one in this day and age can condone the language and intent of that HOC 1883 speech.

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Dohn 7 months ago
Totally awesome to the brainless basers.
Jukinos 6 months ago
Obama did but Trump is getting the blame
Gugami 6 months ago
At least you got something different.
Fauzilkree 6 months ago
True, You are a strong woman. Never forget that.
Dolabar 6 months ago
Thank you. 100% accurate there.
Mazura 6 months ago
Lady and the Tramp
Migis 6 months ago
Not familiar with the Entitlement Clause, huh?
Dile 5 months ago
You should really formulate an argument before joining in
Fezilkree 5 months ago
Sure you can. Just like falling doesn't kill you.
Shaktirisar 5 months ago
You label everything fantasy.
Mojar 5 months ago
I'm not sure what that means.
Kagacage 5 months ago
What is the purpose of religion
Nagal 4 months ago
All wrong. Now, that's some achievement there!
Mazurg 4 months ago
Shall we play a game?
Kigalmaran 4 months ago
The guy is a moron.
Dikasa 4 months ago
Fine.TX but the point about common descent:
Faetaxe 3 months ago
Ugh...what math? Using what numbers and from where?
Akinojind 3 months ago
"I never call anyone names."
Bak 3 months ago
You mean, God is mad at us?
Nak 3 months ago
Looking at these pictures ??
Kit 3 months ago
Karma has visited these ladies.
Gardazil 2 months ago
Thank you and so is the firefighter
Meztitilar 2 months ago
I think of my life
Samugal 2 months ago
Space x is not hiring don't kid yourself.
Fenrir 2 months ago
Her parents, yeah. And her parents.
Kajigul 2 months ago
Not going to miss the face, attitude, or ignorance
Nijinn 2 months ago
Hahaha that would be cool
Gardale 1 month ago
Gotta have something to attack.

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