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855 22:293 months ago

I believe Nat Geo is now part of thje Murdoch empire and us going downhill.

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Kazibar 3 months ago
You are making 2 assumptions here:
Taukora 3 months ago
My intentions here!? Oh how precious....
Maumuro 2 months ago
To give a purpose to passing the collection plate.
Samulabar 2 months ago
It's not about other people.
Fenos 2 months ago
Ja jag gillar det ocksa.
Arashikree 2 months ago
Just curious brave man ever serve you country. ????????????
Gardataxe 2 months ago
All part of God?s plan
Dozuru 2 months ago
Then how do they have sex ??
Majin 1 month ago
localized rural inbreeding does that
Tojasar 1 month ago
Except for all the non-Christian people, you mean.
Fauramar 1 month ago
Not at all, we are always respectful.
Yolrajas 1 month ago
d Onward Christian soldiers.d
Mebar 3 weeks ago
Which Chamber of Commerce do you volunteer for?
Mazugul 3 weeks ago
LOLOL!!!! Sure, but not "mmmmmmmmm" That's one too many...
Dizuru 2 weeks ago
And why didn't all tribes eat babies?
Negal 2 weeks ago
You?re a beautiful person!
Fenrimuro 1 week ago
Say goodbye to your close friend.
Mezticage 1 week ago
Yeah, not the relationship you want to be in
Tauzil 1 week ago
Jesus seen in the company of known prostitutes.
Vushura 3 days ago
Why are you changing the argument now?

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