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991 01:25:068 months ago

At least here you admit it was taken off the list. Interesting. You are correct too. It was taken off the list.

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Faunos 8 months ago
What did you expect from a hair head?
Samukora 8 months ago
Actually, I'm basing it on shootings.
Karamar 8 months ago
They are all seeking asylum for the same thing.
Aragul 7 months ago
I'm not the one looking to punch you.
Nikonos 7 months ago
It censors us so we don't get upset! LOL
Minris 7 months ago
That is an outright lie
Taulrajas 7 months ago
Yes, it is. Here:
Akik 6 months ago
Glug Glug Glug - pass the Jug Bob !!
Yozahn 6 months ago
Oh. anyone else thinking Buffy?
Bale 6 months ago
Poor dam goats ----anyone inform tem
Daigar 6 months ago
You got it boo
Tasho 6 months ago
Damn. My secret is out.
Zolok 5 months ago
In your example, the atheist has the easier burden.
Yokazahn 5 months ago
That's probably why I still love it.
Kigal 5 months ago
Nothing to do with restoration. You've lied again.
Fenrijora 5 months ago
that's a valid point
Vudokinos 5 months ago
we can disagree without being disagreeable =)
Mezuru 4 months ago
Of course correct 100 as usual.
Kazil 4 months ago
I like my jesters, they are cool.
Dagis 4 months ago
Another snide comment, go figure.
Jubei 4 months ago
Yeah, she?s got wit. Tight wit. ??
Voshicage 4 months ago
P-s-s-s-s-t (maybe their beliefs

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