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77 11:459 months ago

No I haven't but with a ripe crisp Apple it might be good

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Nelabar 9 months ago
Who is on first
Mujinn 9 months ago
Try to keep up. This discussion is about IRAN!
Vuzilkree 8 months ago
And there isn't a best track record .
Fem 8 months ago
Yea,it does exist when you meet the right person
Mezilar 8 months ago
It?s not. Humans are.
Aradal 8 months ago
I use my laptop
Dile 8 months ago
Yes she definitely does.
Guhn 7 months ago
Is your plethora showing, or your acumen?
Gardazilkree 7 months ago
except the swamp is getting deeper:
Mezigis 7 months ago
i gathered that, fellow traveler.
Yonos 7 months ago
Religion was created by men.
Vor 7 months ago
Except when shown mistakes that you refuse to acknowledge.
Kigasar 7 months ago
Just keep telling yourself that, Kevin.
Moogujas 6 months ago
this one makes GG get down!
Maumuro 6 months ago
So is Global Warming. A religion with no God.
Nat 6 months ago
Here's a pic for the guys, sexy police woman
Tygolrajas 6 months ago
Did you get it
Vudocage 6 months ago
And they'll all be unsatisfying.
Fenrimuro 5 months ago
That's creepy, here's another creepy clown
Shazshura 5 months ago
Incorrect. He fulfilled the Messianic prophecies to a T.
Vunris 5 months ago
james the Pink Ranger has shown up!
Zulkicage 5 months ago
you didn't rephrase Pascals Wager.

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