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We understate our power economically, and it?s time we start to assert ourselves, instead of bending over for everyone, not to mention bribing them in an effort to placate them, or buy their affection.

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Muran 8 months ago
Don't know many atheists, do you?
Mezishakar 8 months ago
For you yeah ??
Akinocage 8 months ago
Quite a novel and creative approach LASP! Regards.
Shaktikus 7 months ago
Still it was uncool that they did that.
Gum 7 months ago
What makes you and science the arbiters of truth?
Doujas 7 months ago
Best talent of them all
Arashizil 7 months ago
Isn't Sal Gambino a police officer?
Mule 6 months ago
Since no gods exists.nobody is a judge of god.
Goltisho 6 months ago
= Life isn't fair
Muzragore 6 months ago
They've got some money coming.
Voodootaxe 6 months ago
Where is my toothpaste with metal in it!
Mikataur 5 months ago
I miss PHXR8R... such a cool guy ??????
Zuluzragore 5 months ago
Come on, Sir T.
Vukasa 5 months ago
.Well said. Here, here
Nikokazahn 5 months ago
I'm not the one looking to punch you.
Yobei 5 months ago
Are the Christian scholars any more authoritative?
Zunris 4 months ago
Lol i likey feisty
Tuktilar 4 months ago
Title needs a comma.
Disida 4 months ago
If only you were correct.
Gocage 4 months ago
Nearly half of Republicans actually are against the constitution.
Arashakar 4 months ago
Try being a little more specific.
Nijar 3 months ago
No, we're all in it.
Kizshura 3 months ago
What did you say about Islam?
Taugul 3 months ago
lol- I remember that. She was very funny.
Kazigis 3 months ago
Isn?t she the owner the of the channel?
Kigaktilar 3 months ago
Huh, and how did Wilson enter this picture?

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