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848 05:0210 months ago

My neighbour's cat surprises me, fairly frequently. He sneaks into my kitchen when I'm cooking, sits behind me until I forget he's there, then meows loudly. Mind you, I get unintentional revenge by dropping things, which scares the living daylights out of him.

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Dicage 10 months ago
Manafort doesn?t have any money
Goltishicage 10 months ago
Zappa as usual, is totally on point.
Kigajin 10 months ago
sorry by mistake I said crazy ...xD
Mauzragore 10 months ago
Shariah is God's law. Mock as you want.
Tor 9 months ago
Sharp as a bowling ball
Malam 9 months ago
PAN ihave a good video for you
Akigal 9 months ago
ok? So diverting away from that are you .
Taudal 9 months ago
I knew you couldn't.
Zulushakar 9 months ago
Seems so, I guess STUPID is permanent.
Mazurn 9 months ago
So you have ya.
Megore 8 months ago
The line to have your head examined?
Dalrajas 8 months ago
I recognize that girl
Shaktik 8 months ago
I am familar with this one.

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