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First, simplicity is the hallmark of an intelligent design, not complexity.

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Vudodal 7 months ago
That's good advice. Thanks for that.
Gacage 7 months ago
It usually involves me getting in trouble.
Gardagis 7 months ago
Perhaps the people of Chicago should seek Asylum.
Zulkidal 7 months ago
Clearly it is and clearly he is .
Shashakar 7 months ago
Those things have not happened yet.
Nijora 6 months ago
Yup, says me. That's my opinion, get your own.
Dazuru 6 months ago
They didn't solicit anything.
Kigakus 6 months ago
Aww ?? so cute ??
Felkree 6 months ago
It can play the F? out of rock doe.
Tadal 6 months ago
What kind of evidence are you looking for?
Meztirisar 6 months ago
Did they "cheat" when Obama was elected twice ?
Faekazahn 5 months ago
Had a friend who ?loved her boyfriend?
Zulukree 5 months ago
"white supremacists and counterprotesters"
Goltitilar 5 months ago
Yes. ??O? How are you?
Tokus 5 months ago
Only atheists can make a funny movie annoying
Ner 5 months ago
Hahahaha ok. Break from me????????
Nem 5 months ago
That's the scariest thing of them all
Zulkikazahn 4 months ago
Maybe tell them to stop watching CNN.
Zuluzuru 4 months ago
I get you legally it okay
Goltigal 4 months ago
Ok, but you may want to move.
Akigrel 4 months ago
It's called Guess the Disqus
Gardagar 3 months ago
Sometimes that is certainly the case.
Gronos 3 months ago
How long will you be gone?
Vumi 3 months ago
Is it you Raymundo? I thought it was Fun?
Mezishicage 3 months ago
I cannot confirm nor deny this.
Mazum 3 months ago
The FBI does this all the time.....(making 'opportunities')
Moogunris 3 months ago
Oh, now here's a story..with or w/o a motor?
Mukazahn 2 months ago
Learn English, little trumpie.
Maladal 2 months ago
Like your Trump comment above?
Faur 2 months ago
The HOCKEY game is on!!!

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