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96 12:3410 months ago

If you understand how it works, then why are you asking me this? Sorry. You said you're curious, but now it's clear you just want to be argumentative.

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Vushicage 10 months ago
so please tell me more you stable genius!!!
Shakabei 10 months ago
Oh, I almost forgot this...
Taugore 9 months ago
I'm straight and I didn't choose it either.
Zulunris 9 months ago
What ever began to exist has a cause;
Maushicage 9 months ago
I just did. Hope it is OK.
Kazijar 9 months ago
Isn't that what bartering is all about?
Zoloshura 9 months ago
Yes, because that's not at all unrealistic.
Faujora 9 months ago
Do you want to come with me ? ;)
Zulkikazahn 8 months ago
Your unconstitutional view is very sad indeed
Fejora 8 months ago
You mean by ALL atheists?
Felmaran 8 months ago
"Nope..... I will fade before, i go samson option"
Faumi 8 months ago
Cold hard truth rarely is Donny.
Taurisar 7 months ago
Opened world female. One lan ??
Nat 7 months ago
My mother created me. I owe her plenty.

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