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753 11:4210 months ago

Don't get me wrong, I also challenged my professors, but when it came to the actual tests, you either regurgitate the information and provide the answers that are expected, or you don't and fail the test.

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Akir 10 months ago
Here. Recommended reading for you.
Mat 10 months ago
Evolution has nothing to do with god beliefs.
Kajidal 10 months ago
It?s the republiturds that don?t want the culture changed.
Shaktisida 9 months ago
Can it be said in a PG13 movie?
Kigakasa 9 months ago
There's your answer. Welfare state.
Kigagul 9 months ago
We'll feed you, but first listen to a lecture.
Mazuzilkree 9 months ago
just like the gods.
Samuk 9 months ago
Haha, I really should learn to expect this.
Maudal 9 months ago
Rye and ice-cream.....hummmm, sounds.......delicious
Faesho 8 months ago
Means chances are thr XD XD
Yogami 8 months ago
A move that is tried and true...
Shakak 8 months ago
I don?t know ...never been... wanna go?
Malalmaran 8 months ago
He used a jackass in the Old Testament.
Mitilar 7 months ago
we are passive aggressive monsters, and you know it
Zulkijar 7 months ago
Good luck with your decision.
Nigor 7 months ago
Thanks. I *have prayed, read scripture, asked questions.
Tojar 7 months ago
Morals come from your God.
Kanos 7 months ago
I'm curious and I'm having fun talking to you.
Daizil 6 months ago
She's having the time of her life
Gardahn 6 months ago
"They are being vicious".......
Kilabar 6 months ago
Words to describe that day continue to escape me.
Tojin 6 months ago
So the answer is that you don't know.
Doushicage 6 months ago
This is pure up true.
Tajar 6 months ago
I was on vacation.
Vudogis 6 months ago
Nietzsche is Pietzsche! ??????
Bat 5 months ago
That's not even what a spectrum is.
Faeshakar 5 months ago
Washington Times is not accepted? Why not?

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