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650 05:006 months ago

Even your screen name, promotes a spiritual or religious belief. I find that also contradictory and amazing, to your assertions that you are not a believer or religious.

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Kem 6 months ago
are you asking if your allowed to concur?
Mezikinos 6 months ago
Help! Help! I'm being repressed!
Jutilar 5 months ago
war with Iran is the mother of all wars.?
Fenrisida 5 months ago
LOL! Knowledge is faith ahahahaha see the ignorance dreezeez?
Gak 5 months ago
Joseph Smith dum dum dum dum dum
Daikus 5 months ago
I was thinking the same about the judge?s conduct.
Akizahn 5 months ago
Better that you stick to what you can understand.
Dasho 5 months ago
you say that like its a bad thinggg
Kazrale 4 months ago
(It's) entertaining for you to troll?
Gardazuru 4 months ago
An armed society is a polite society.
Kagrel 4 months ago
Timmy is off his meds again
Tygomi 4 months ago
All mosques should lose their charity status.
Nilrajas 4 months ago
Sci fi great example of man's marvelous imagination, History
Vishura 4 months ago
Oh he don't appreciate you ???
Mooguran 4 months ago
What has been will be again,
Mogar 3 months ago
Guess you never heard of Uranium One have you?
Yojinn 3 months ago
Still ongoing, you just don?t see it.

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