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360 05:517 months ago

You know, no matter how bad people think things are, we don?t have to worry about things like that....yet...20 years from now? No idea.

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Dozahn 7 months ago
Of course you are. Couldn't be more wrong.
Vizilkree 7 months ago
And here you are with your usual nonsense
Shale 7 months ago
Stop with your pathetic nagging.
Mulmaran 7 months ago
Latina booty > Other Booties
Fenrijar 6 months ago
we believe more than that about the Holy Sabbath!
Faenris 6 months ago
Agreed. I thought he would become more presidential.
Kigashakar 6 months ago
made it to 22 a good run methinks ..
Kazraktilar 6 months ago
It didn't have any moral objections to it.
Kazrazil 6 months ago
Yeah, I can, but its pointless with you
Gagami 5 months ago
The mexicans?? What did I do now ?? Lol
Akill 5 months ago
Then you didn't try.
Gror 5 months ago
and why is that, pray tell?
Vojinn 5 months ago
ah, you are seeing the life beyond the grave.
Doulrajas 5 months ago
Homophobic excuses don't work.
Samuzil 5 months ago
nice try! He'll still be my gardener

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