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705 12:006 months ago

Yes, Islam can be peaceful and violent, it's a dualistic system:

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Voodoolmaran 6 months ago
*facepalm* Have you actually read the story through?
Nedal 6 months ago
Hard to explain this then
Vigor 5 months ago
The Rockies are incredible by train.
Sakinos 5 months ago
That's not proven yet, and she's really hot
Kazrazilkree 5 months ago
looks like he soiled his undies.
Fejinn 5 months ago
Ah, sorry, I am a dumb atheist.
Temi 5 months ago
Thank you. 100% accurate there.
Fenribei 5 months ago
"What's wrong with that?"
Tujas 5 months ago
I second your motion Shaywood.
Mauktilar 4 months ago
Get ready to laugh but stevie wonder?
Tom 4 months ago
Don't you have riot to go to?
Zolotilar 4 months ago
The Church full of people like her !!
Dajar 4 months ago
Why can't a black woman be a white supremacist?
Mukasa 4 months ago
I'm sure Jeff Sessions will get right on that.
Ket 4 months ago
I think this historians puts it best.
Mektilar 3 months ago
Give some relevance, if you please.
Voktilar 3 months ago
I will do so. And then some.
Maulrajas 3 months ago
Only the gullibel believe their story.

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