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What globalist attacks? Are you upset that you can have pizza delivered or that there is a taco bell down the street. If you were a real Amurikans you'd only eat corn, squash and beans. Beef and wheat are furin to these shores. There's terms for people scared of change, coward and paranoid

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Zulujora 8 months ago
Don't look at it.
Mukree 8 months ago
I say yes. :-)
Doukinos 8 months ago
You, my friend, live in an alternate universe.
Brarn 7 months ago
Captain Kirk did it at warp speed.
Shaktir 7 months ago
I think he's blaming right-wing, Trump America.
Zulugor 7 months ago
"Did not want to pay"
Tygoran 7 months ago
Except science has. And demonstrably so.
Kazirisar 7 months ago
Pink glasses? Mmmm I'll pass! not my color!
Bragal 7 months ago
Let me correct Mr. Accosted...
Tojajora 6 months ago
indeed ........I have all qualities...hahaha
Tygolar 6 months ago
Trump thanks Vlad for helping him win. Fact!
Maran 6 months ago
Welcome to Penthouse Letters.
Zulukora 6 months ago
You should see some of my other bans.
Faegami 5 months ago
Now Jesus, a long dead guy, needs
Kazirr 5 months ago
I lady of mystery ---
Mikashicage 5 months ago
*slides in* no i wont lol
Goltitaxe 5 months ago
Is that dog smiling?
Dur 5 months ago
They are separate and they are one.

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