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920 10:106 months ago

If it was the other way around? You mean if he was immigrating to Slovenia? If he was I wouldbuy him. A first class ticket if he wanted.

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Gajin 6 months ago
Because He has told us.
Fejora 5 months ago
Duh. Of course science explains the process of birth.
Nagal 5 months ago
You attempted to quash it, but the analogy stands.
Mir 5 months ago
hahahahaha take it easy
Tygocage 5 months ago
Looks like a trade war.
Vomuro 4 months ago
"she said that she didn't know enough."
Doran 4 months ago
tya because solar costs way too much
Fenrill 4 months ago
I prefer English language sources. What is it about?
Faur 4 months ago
If you are serious, LOL
Mausho 4 months ago
well, that isn't overly hysterical or anything.
Vora 4 months ago
Acosta looks like he hits Mcds
Fenrihn 4 months ago
Most likely some kind of domestic issue gone wrong.
Tojakazahn 4 months ago
It always wyd never hyd
Tuzragore 3 months ago
I wanted to make you excited!!!??????
Samule 3 months ago
Lol...OK. I forgot where I was.
Mazusida 3 months ago
Let me look in your second drawer?
Arazragore 3 months ago
It's a complete lie is what it is.
Nazil 3 months ago
Why so obsessed with doors specifically?
Dit 2 months ago
You are the one crying, dupe ....
Maukree 2 months ago
I like a woman who strips.
Diran 2 months ago
Millions of people embrace the legitimacy of Webster's dictionary.
Gardakasa 2 months ago
Your chromosomes are not changeable.
Mazujora 2 months ago
Not a bit ;) go for it
Tezragore 2 months ago
not a bad idea for a leftist

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