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904 02:1910 months ago

It use to be far stronger but many decades of ever encroaching Socialism and modern Liberalism that promise the false utopian illusion of universal security at the expense of very real freedom and responsibility has weakened it considerably.

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Mebar 10 months ago
Those are not measures of spreading Christianity, though.
Meztigis 9 months ago
Please point out where I have ever denied it.
Gardagami 9 months ago
Did I say that?
Mikasho 9 months ago
Hey how are you?
Grosar 9 months ago
Atheism requires an absence of faith.
Daik 9 months ago
Passover is a ?High Sabbath**]
Malalmaran 9 months ago
Is a standard sub roll around 7-8 inches long?
Vutilar 8 months ago
I guess that means no. OK.
Volmaran 8 months ago
Sounds like you've given it a lot of thought.
Faekus 8 months ago
She's just hoping to hit the ghetto lottery.
Dat 7 months ago
Well, in Oklahoma, they don't teach science.
Kagakazahn 7 months ago
Your sin is judging others sin.
Gagul 7 months ago
Still nothing relevant to say.
Mijas 7 months ago
It seems that Trumpism is like a virus.
Shalrajas 7 months ago
Nope, and don't need to be.
Yozshunos 7 months ago
Durn fiscal responsibility, that's for losers without guns.
Vizil 6 months ago
i turned over a new leaf
Tojanos 6 months ago
Go and write your own.
Nir 6 months ago
China is telling Trump...
Mukree 6 months ago
Mmm. There?s a few but Catwoman wins for me.
Mezirisar 6 months ago
HAHAHA! Nice, Snowflake! You're right, that was hysterical.
Faekus 6 months ago
The Unknown God is the Correct God.
Gakazahn 6 months ago
Ek jacket li :P
Brale 5 months ago
Are you a Power Rangers fan

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