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Additionally, 'hip hop' followers may look at non-followers as 'Not evolved enough, musically' . However, they will not suggest that that all non-followers will get punished for eternity or should have lesser rights on this earth.

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JoJogrel 9 months ago
I always wondered what "mentioned" meant. in the profile
Nile 9 months ago
That's great, good for you.
Kagazragore 9 months ago
His is straight up discrimination and is illegal.
Mazugrel 8 months ago
But what do they joy on the pranks pretence?
Gardazshura 8 months ago
I am happy for you sexy!!
Kazralabar 8 months ago
I agree it?s more political than racial
Digal 8 months ago
Trump train rolls on!
Kazrasar 8 months ago
LOL. But in a GOOD way, right?
Teshicage 8 months ago
LOL - well said=)
Malak 8 months ago
Nope. But this flag is. Flagged.
Nehn 7 months ago
I want to read it. Hope it shows up.
Zololabar 7 months ago
What are you up to?
Kazrajar 7 months ago
Sure, that doesn?t mean I?ll agree with it.
Nikoshicage 7 months ago
Wow what a load
Moogushicage 7 months ago
Nice dodge. How about you address
Murr 6 months ago
No. Something like 4,088.
Makasa 6 months ago
Talk about an indeed law. And a persecution complex.
Vulmaran 6 months ago
Hahaha yep. Horrible ppl ??
Yozshull 6 months ago
Your Type is Wisdom of Words
Terisar 6 months ago
Give some relevance, if you please.
Tygogal 5 months ago
Hi sweetheart. Always cooking hahah enjoy!!
Karisar 5 months ago
The ball is in your court.

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