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965 07:236 months ago

The U of Regina will cry they need cash injections to make up the loss of tuition monies. If Profs salaries wen't so large they could afford many things.

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Zolokinos 6 months ago
Oh hell meat pie! Nom nom nom ??????
Akilkree 6 months ago
Now actually cite it.
Arashigal 5 months ago
Whoa. Antifa shows its true racist colors.
Kigakasa 5 months ago
Yes, that's a possibility.
Ararr 5 months ago
Because that was a joke??
Sashakar 5 months ago
Let's not be prejudice. Auntie Maxine wants top billing.????????????
Kirn 5 months ago
What creator? Yahweh? Zeus? Atheismo?
Voodoobei 5 months ago
Uh, no, it's US Law friend.
Dolkis 4 months ago
You are making no sense.
Mum 4 months ago
More democrat gun violence.
Tajin 4 months ago
Yeah, how'd that work out? Not so good.

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